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Specialized Company in Bed Bug Extermination and Pest Control in Toronto

Welcome to Bugs Heat Terminator – a leading Pest Control Services provider in the Greater Toronto Area. Our expertise lies in providing a highly effective, one-day bed bug heat treatment solution that eliminates the infestation from your residential or commercial space. 

Our proven heat treatment system is completely safe and free from any toxic chemicals, making it eco-friendly option for pest control. With our commitment to quality service, we guarantee that your home or business will be completely bed-bug-free in just one day.

How Bugs Heat Terminator Help?

Residential Pest control

We have the best solutions for eliminating spiders, ants, cockroaches, and more. Guaranteed.

Commercial Pest control

We provide comprehensive commercial pest control solutions for every type of bug or rodent that dares enter your facility!

Bed Bug Removal Toronto

We exterminate bed bugs employing most cost-effective and successful insecticide spray application. Often a single treatment is enough for 100% elimination of bed bugs.

What our clients are saying

I noticed ants on our first floor, (we don't have a basement so the first floor leads directly out to the backyard), and I started stressing out as we haven't had them for two years. I have never done any professional treatments, I've always done cinnamon and raid and it's never worked for a long time. After doing enough research and reading all the reviews I was set on using Bugs Heat Terminator! Priestley did such a great job with our space! He went over what the protocol was, what to expect and how to keep up with it over the next coming days. It has officially been four days and I have not noticed any ants!! Maria was very knowledgeable and professional in regards to the booking, answering any and all questions that I had, and making sure that I had a preparation care sheet, (such as what to move, what the terminators will be taking care of, and what we should do after the spray). I am so happy that I can enjoy our space again! Thank you🙂
Veronica Vasquez
Veronica Vasquez
Great company !!
Majid Sheikh
Majid Sheikh
Bugs Heat Terminator team provided an exceptional service for rescuing a sequerrel traped in dry wall.
Super helpful and clear with communication! Recommended!
Jeff Geddes
Jeff Geddes
Excellent service. Very responsive to my business requirements.
Denisse Cruz Martínez
Denisse Cruz Martínez
Excellent service, starting with their customer service, they schedule you as soon as possible, guide you to take care of your personal things, and the work is super clean, careful & fast, thus eliminating annoying bed bugs😌, we highly recommend them!
Sami B.
Sami B.
Amazing service, everyone is so careful and treated everything with heat treatment. Davis is an excellent at making us comfortable and explaining the treatment and how everything works.

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Our Heat Treatment Service is a one-day process that eliminates bed bugs and their eggs in a single treatment. We guarantee our service with a 90 day warranty, so you can rest assured that your family and home will be bed bug free. Bugs Heat Terminator is here to help you achieve a pest-free home.

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All Pest Control Services

Discover our flagship services; we specialize in heat-based bed bug control and offer pigeon control for your residence with our mesh solutions, ensuring you peace of mind. If you have issues with cockroaches or mice, we are ready to assist you throughout Toronto and surrounding areas.

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Expert pest control services in Toronto

We are Bugs Heat Terminator, serving the greater Toronto area. We provide bed bug control services and are here to service all your pest control Toronto needs – residential, commercial, or industrial. Whatever your pest control problem, we guarantee that we will successfully eliminate it safely. We exterminate mites, fleas, bees, wasps, moths, ants, spiders, cockroaches, rodents, and all other pests.

If you have a pest or wildlife difficulty, give us a call or fill out our form.

Pigeon & Bird Control

Our Pest Control Services offer professional bird control solutions to help keep unwanted pigeons and other birds away from your property. We use bird spikes, bird netting, bird spiders, and bird wire to create physical barriers that will deter birds from accessing your property. Our experienced technicians guarantee our products up to 10 years, so you can count on us for long-term protection. Call us today for a free quote.

Cockroach Treatment

At Bugs Terminator, our cockroach treatment services are designed to target and eliminate cockroaches quickly and effectively. Our experienced technicians use the latest methods and techniques to ensure that your cockroach infestation is completely eliminated. We provide customized solutions to ensure that the cockroaches are eradicated and do not return.

Mouse Treatment

Our mouse and rat treatment service is designed to quickly identify and eliminate rodent infestations. We use the latest techniques and materials to ensure that the pest is removed quickly and effectively. Our team is highly experienced in dealing with rodent infestations and will provide you with the most effective solution for your home or business.

Bugs Heat Terminator: Your Ally in Pest Control

At Bugs terminator, we are experts in pest control and provide customized solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Our highly trained team and effective techniques are designed to guarantee the following

01. Healthy and Safe Environment

Having our pest control services gives you the peace of mind of living or working in a healthy and safe environment. As we mentioned before, pests, such as rodents and insects, can transmit diseases and cause allergies, putting the health of your family or employees at risk. Our experience and specialized techniques guarantee an effective eradication of pests, avoiding health risks.

02. Property and Asset Protection

Pests can also cause material damage to your property, which is why our services are not only limited to eliminating existing infestations, but are also designed to protect your property from future problems.

03. Safe and Ecological Extermination

At Bugs terminator, we care about the environment and the safety of our clients, which is why we use environmentally friendly and safe methods in our pest control treatments, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. Our experts implement environmentally friendly techniques to ensure an effective solution without endangering the health of people and pets.

04. Experience and Professionalism

Our team of pest control experts has the experience and training to deal with all types of infestations. We are familiar with the characteristics and behaviors of different pests, which allows us to provide customized solutions for each situation. Our professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction make us your best option to solve pest problems.

our guarantee

Our Guarantee

At Bugs Heat Terminator, we guarantee our treatment plan 100%. If there is a new problem with pest control or other covered pests, we will treat it immediately and at no cost to you.

“Immediately” means that you are our priority, not when we can get you on our schedule.


Discretion is Our Middle Name

You already know that we employ unmarked uniforms and vehicles. What you may not realize is that we keep the details of your home infestation confidential. No one will hear that you had a bed bug problem from us. We take the confidentiality of our clients so seriously that the details of the visit will only be available on a need to know basis.

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Accreditations and Certifications

We are licensed by the Ministry of the Environment, we are represented by The Canadian Propane Association, and certify by SNF Safety Training. We only use products that have been approved by Health Canada, including registered chemicals that have been tested by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

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