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Toronto is renowned as the fourth most populous city in North America. With more than three million people residing in the city, this bustling metropolis is also home to a rapidly growing population of Mice. These seemingly small and cute rodents, if left uncontrolled, can damage your property and pose serious health risks.

Fear Not! Bugs Heat Terminator, Specialists in Mice Removal, is here to the rescue. Let’s explore the available effective methods for eliminating these pesky creatures from your properties and learn when to seek professional help with us.

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Mice in Toronto

Mice are an important part of the urban ecosystem, though often considered a pest. The most common mouse species in Toronto is the house mouse. These intelligent, adaptable rodents can be found in a wide variety of environments across the city.

Pest Fact Sheet for House Mice

  • Scientific name: Mus musculus

  • Description: Small rodent with slender body and long tail.

  • Behavior: Nocturnal, excellent climber. Squeezes into buildings through tiny openings.

  • Reproduction: 20-day gestation, litters of 5–6 young, up to 10 litters per year.

  • Risks: Transmits diseases, droppings can trigger asthma.

  • Signs of infestation: Droppings, gnaw marks, sightings.

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Recognizing the signs of a Mouse Infestation is necessary before considering professional help. Although these rodents are experts at staying hidden, the following are some common indicators that you may have a mouse problem:

One of the clear signs of a mouse infestation is discovering small, dark, and pellet-shaped droppings in your storage areas or living spaces. You will find the highest number of droppings where the rodents are nesting or feeding.

Look for gnaw marks on furniture, baseboards, and other household items, as these creatures have a relentless urge to chew on various materials. Newly found marks are lighter in colour and could be an indication of a continuing infestation. These marks can also indicate whether you have rats or mice; larger teeth of rats create larger gnaw marks.

Mice are primarily nocturnal creatures, which means they are active at night. You might hear scratching or scampering sounds in your walls or ceilings at night.

Rodents use materials such as shredded paper, fabric, or dried plant matter to construct their nests. Look for droppings, scraps, or dirt marks. These could be clues that the nest is nearby. Mice can also be pests that nest in gutters or live in garages, so be sure to check for the same signs there, too.

One adult mouse can consume between 3 and 4 grams of food in a day. They have many favorite foods in common with humans, like cereals, grains, seeds, nuts, fruits, seeds, chocolate, and candy. Compost heaps, whether outdoors or in your kitchen, attract mice as well. When these invaders raid your pantry, they leave behind contaminated food, strange holes, and chew marks. This contaminated food can cause serious illnesses, including Salmonella and Hantavirus.

A strong, distinctive, ammonia-like smell indicates the presence of a large mouse population. This smell results from the urine and feces of the rodents. In some areas where mice urinate frequently, you may find urine pillars as well. Finding a dead mouse, or God Forbid, seeing a live one along with the mentioned indicators is a sure sign that you have a mouse problem.

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The cost of hiring a professional mouse exterminator in Toronto depends on the following primary factors:

  • The Extent of Infestation: The size of the infestation determines the overall cost of the procedure. A small, localized problem will likely cost less to address than an infestation that has invaded every corner of the property.

  • Necessary Treatment Methods: Some treatments are more expensive than others, so the overall cost can vary depending on the exact strategy your technician recommends.

  • Property Size: The area or size of your house or property also impacts the overall cost. Larger properties need more time for inspection and locating the nesting areas and entry points for the treatment.

  • Location of Infestation in your house: The extermination cost increases if the infestation is located in a hard-to-reach area with minimal accessibility, such as inside your drywall, in your crawl spaces, or in your attic. This will take longer to seal entry points, set traps, and clean up feces and messes from the nests.

On average, the cost for professional mouse extermination in Toronto can be from $100 to $300, depending on the factors mentioned above. Whatever the situation is, with Bugs Heat Terminator, you will always get a competitive price for the specific needs of your property.


One of the most commonly asked questions that exterminators receive is: How do they get rid of the mice if they are living or have died in the walls of the house?

Let’s enumerate the effective methods of rodent extermination:

  • Bait Stations
  • Glue Traps
  • Snap Traps
  • Humane Traps
  • Rodenticides
  • Sealing Entry Points
  • Exclusion Method
  • Electronic Borescope (In case of dead mice in the walls)
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FAQs about Mice Control in Toronto

Mice can slide into incredibly small spaces. Don’t let their mini opening become your mega infestation. Allow our experts to seal all entry points to keep these wily invaders out of your home.

Mice can smell food from long distances. Store foods in sealed containers and don’t leave pet food out overnight. Allow our professional pest control service to make your home inhospitable to mice.

Mice don’t just spread mess, they also spread dangerous diseases! Our pest control experts can implement solutions to keep your family safe from these health threats. Don’t take risks!

Don’t rely on traps alone; seal the entry points. The combination of prevention, trapping and cleaning food sources offered by our professional pest control company will rid your home of mice and prevent them from returning. Call us today to get rid of these pesky pests!


Letting mice and rats nest and reproduce on your property could potentially result in paying thousands of dollars in damages to your home’s walls, electrical wiring, and roofing. Additionally, there will be charges for cleaning their waste and mess. Our professional team of trained experts makes sure that you get rid of these uninvited pesky guests and that your house is clean and free of health risks.

Don’t let these tiny intruders take over; take action to keep them at bay with professional rat exterminator services in Toronto.

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