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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny reddish brown insects (about 5mm) that live by feeding on human blood while they sleep.


02. Are bed bugs dangerous for me and my family?

Although bed bugs do not spread disease, they can cause serious inflammation, itching and increased chances of a secondary skin infection.


03. How do you detect bed bugs?

You can check for the presence of bed bugs by looking for:

  • Shells, eggs and feces of the insect.

  • The pungent musky odour that is easy to detect.

  • Check for itching and welt marks usually in patterns or rows on your skin exposed while sleeping.

  • Fresh bloodstains on mattresses or pillows in the mornings.


04. How can I avoid bed bugs?

  • Check secondhand furniture, beds, and couches for any signs of bed bug infestation before bringing them home.

  • Use a protective cover that encases mattresses and box springs to eliminate many hiding spots. The light colour of the encasement makes bed bugs easier to see. Be sure to purchase a high-quality encasement that will resist tearing and check the encasement regularly for holes or a cover that has been pre-treated with pesticide to control bed bugs.

  • Reduce the clutter in your home to reduce hiding places for bed bugs.

  • Vacuum frequently to remove any successful hitchhikers.

  • Be vigilant when using shared laundry facilities. Transport items to be washed in plastic bags (if you have an active infestation, use a new bag for the journey home). Remove from the dryer directly into the bag and fold at home. (A dryer on high heat can kill bed bugs.)

  • If you live in a multi-family home, try to isolate your unit by:

  • Installing door sweeps on the bottom of doors to discourage movement into hallways.

  • Sealing cracks and crevices around baseboards, light sockets, etc., to discourage movement through wall voids.


05. How to eliminate bed bugs

Although you may try simple steps like using bed bug mattress encasements and heat blowers to treat your bedding and other belongings, it is recommended to call a licensed pest management professional to assess the infestation and suggest all possible steps to eradicate the problem. Improper treatment could spread the problem and increase the eventual costs to resolve it.


06. What’s the most effective treatment to eliminate bed bugs?

The Heat Treatment is the most effective treatment to eliminate bed bugs, heat kills all stages of bed bugs life from egg to adult within hours in a single treatment. 

Heat penetrates where pesticides cannot: behind baseboards, wallpaper, window and door frames. Inside mattress, clothing, furniture and walls. 

Saves you money because you don’t have to throw out furniture or personal belongings. 

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